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    World_s Leading Producers of Fermented Antibiotics (Penicillins and Cephalosporins) and other Pharmaceutical Bulk Active Ingredients.

    Rodano, MI

    Premier Supplier of Specialty Chemicals, Nutraceuticals, Food Ingredients, and Pharmaceutical Intermediates.

    Edison, NJ

    Producer of Advanced Fine Organic Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Intermediates for the Phar,aceutical, Drug Discovery and Biotech Industries.

    Morrisville, NC

    Avecia Focuses on Technologies Delivering added Value from Faster Lead Times in "Early Phase" Drug Development and Production.

    Blackleyon, Manchester

    Bachem is a Leading Manufacturer of Peptides and Other Biochemicals. Products Offered Include Enzyme Substrates and Inhibitors, Amino Acid Derivatives, Peptide Antibodies, Immunoassay,...

    Torrance, CA

    We Produce a Variety of Inorganics Chemicals Based on Boron, Potassium, an Sodium. These Unique Compounds Are Use Primarily as Reagents in Specialty Organic Synthesis.

    , NJ

    Supplier of Custom Manufacturing Services for Intermediates and API, Fine Organic Chemicals, Raw Materials and Inorganic Chemicals.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Is One of the Leading Companies in China's Fine and Specialty Chemical Industry. Enjoying the Leading Position in China's Optical Brightener, Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Other Chemical...

    Chegongzhuang, Haidian

    Bimax Manufactures Functional Monomers and Reactive Polymers Including Acrylic and Methacrylic Esters, Allylics, Alcoxylates, Meleate Esters, Phenols and (Meth) Acryloyl Chloride.

    Cockeysville, MD

    Services of Analytical & Enviromental; Custom Separation Solutions; Other (PEG-IT! Reagents); Process Optimization; Process/Analytical Development; Product Commercialization; Toll & Contract...

    Cary, NC

    Boulder Scientific Company is committed to meeting our customers’ needs for innovative specialty chemical solutions in a safe and responsible manner.

    Longmont, Colorado

    Cedarburg is the Ideal Partner for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Companies.

    Grafton, WI

    Celanese Chemicals, Comprising the Acetyl Products and Chemical Intermediates Business Segments of Celanese AG.

    Dallas, TX

    The Company Manufactures Intermediates for Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Products.

    Tokyo, No existe: JP

    Cerilliant Provides Custom Organic Synthesis and Services and Analytical Reference Materials to a Diverse Group of Industries that Require High Quality Products and Services.

    Round Rock, TX

    Chemi SpA is a Technology-Driven Company Producing Active Ingredients and Advanced Intermediates for the Pharmaceutical Industry under cGMP.

    Cinisello Balsamo, MI

    Provider of Chemical Process Development Services and a Custom Manufacturer of Specialty and Fine Chemicals.

    Houston, TX

    Provide Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and Chemical Companies contract research, Custom Chemical and cGMP Manufacturing Services.

    Baltimore, MD

    We Practice a Wide Range of Chemical Reactions Including Phosgenation, Cyanidation, N-Protecting Down to Unusual Ones Like Mitsunobu Reaction.

    Leuna, No existe: DE

    CSS Provides and Integrated Service from Research Through Process Development to Kilogram Scale Synthesis of Intermediates and APIs Including Potent Compounds.

    Northern Ireland, UK

    Production Partner for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Offering Swiss/German Quality, Reliability and Financial Strenght to Support our Customers.

    Lahr, No existe: DENJ

    Offers Chemestry-Based Drug Discovery and Development Services Ranging from Early-Stage Lead Discovery and Optimization to the Identification of Viable Synthetic Routes Required to Manufacture...

    Woodridge, IL

    Manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's) and Intermediates for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    La Salle, Quebec

    Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical APIs and Intermediates Targeting the Ethical and Generic Pharma Market.

    Middlesex, NJ

    Leader in the Manufacture of High Quality, High Performance Specialty Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Intermediates.

    Pasadena, TX

    Is a Totally Independent Marketing, Sales and Manufacturing Organization with Strong Links to a Network of Peer Chinese Chemicals Producers Whose Products Complement our own.

    Nan Jin Road (E.), Shangai

    Synthesis of Complex Molecules, APIs and Active Substances. The Technology Focus is Hazardous Chemestry, Chiral technologies Including Multi-Column Chromatography and Transition...

    Berkeley Heights, NJ

    Suppliers of Bulk Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients for the Pharmaceutical and Nutricional Industry.

    Lodi, LO

    Manufacturing a Variety of Proprietary Custom Products and Strategically Important Chemicals for Gabriel_s Business.

    Ashtabula, OH

    Providing of Custom Synthesis and Manufacture from Laboratory Scale to Large Scale.

    Worcester, MA

    Leading Producer of Advanced Intermediates for Pharmaceutical and Selected Industrial Applications.

    Flintshire, No existe: GB

    Is a Specialist in the Sourcing of Fine and Specialty Chemicals.

    Tarrytown, NY

    Technological Leader with a highly Competent Technical Staff, consisting of many PhD Chemists and Engineers with years of Industry Experience.

    Bound Brook, NJ

    Kemira provides Complete Solutions to many of Industry_s most Challenging Problems.

    Kennesaw, GA

    Designs, Manufactures and Licenses Equipment and Processes for the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.

    Camarillo, CA

    Is a Japanese Chemical Company having a Strong Base in the Production of Chemicals, Polymers, Fibers and Man-Made Leather.

    New York, NY

    Custom Manufacturing and Process Development.

    Fischamend, No existe: AT

    AutoChem helps Scientist Dramatically reduce the Time it takes to discover and develop new Compounds without Stifling their Creativity.

    Millersville, MD

    Since 1987, Morre-Tec Has Been Actively Engaged in Bromine-Based Materials For a Variety of Applications, Including Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, And Industrial Applications.

    Union, NJ

    Natural ASA is an International Nitritech Company with a Unique Position in the Development of the Fatty Acid CLA.

    , Oslo

  • Solicita Cotización de Diels alder

    La forma más rápida de encontrar proveedores de Diels alder sin costo ni compromiso!

    Al llenar nuestra solicitud de cotización se la enviaremos a todos los proveedores registrados.

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